Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The 3D TV sales as of now have been decent at best. But then looking at the mass chunk of population that haven’t yet been tapped as against which the mass number of 3D TV units produced, the sales have been below par as per the expectations of the TV manufacturers. However following the super hit success of films like Avatar and a string of other 3D line up in recent times, broadcasters as well as TV manufacturers are hoping that more and more people will be switching over to 3D TV from the current HD TV sales that are a norm as of now. The 3D-ready and 3D-capable televisions have been greatly promoted by broadcasters all alike. But then how much of a success they become in the near times is only something that people need to wait and watch.

It is not long before the current range of 3D TV sets become cheaper owing to the large scale competition among the TV set makers. The main issue apart from the price factor of course is that 3D content is very heavy as in file size. For that matter even talking of shooting a film in 3D requires a lot of time energy and money. Market research firm DisplaySearch recently stated that as many as 3.2 million 3D TV sets were shipped worldwide in 2010. This number is bound to go up to as much as 91 million TV sets by the year 2014. The firm stated all this in its Quarterly TV Design and Features report. This apart, as many as twenty one percent of the TV sets sold had the internet connectivity feature. The 200 plus pages long DisplaySearch report gave a thorough insight of the TV sector as of now.

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Consumer Choices, among the more famous of comparison sites in the United Kingdom has seen the coming up of a four-stage procedure which perhaps began some time before Christmas and then continued. This procedure will see the gathering of opinions from the board. The procedure would thus end in the month of March in the year 2011. There would be a meeting, an offsite one at that which would thus set the budget for the company. This budget would accordingly be from the month of April 1 year end. This in turn helps the company into doing many things. For starters, they have a complete track of things; they may also thus do hiring. In the due course of time, they realize that they are tracking ahead of the budget then they may as well do some extra investments.

The company for once also makes some revenue coming in from the consumers switching their various packages. This may include home phone, TV services and even bt broadband packages. The commission that Consumer choices gets is anywhere between a miniscule 10pc and 20pc. This apart the company also has its own set of discounts and offers that it gives to the customers who go for a package from the website. It is however as an outsourcing partner for rival partners that the company looks at getting additional sales. Financial data analysis on Companies House is also used by the Consumer Choices and thus it uses this to bench mark its performance.

Then again the company greatly looks at encouraging and involving its employees in its workings. It thus hold’s a unique Dragons' Den-style pitch on a yearly basis. This has teams fighting it out against one another for a mega price sum of thirty thousand dollars. This sum in turn is for the web developments for an innovative and brand new idea. This in the mean while is also a great opportunity for the workers which greatly boost their enthusiasm and dedication towards work and better the image of the company in their minds.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Get a Chance to win 3D LCD TV at Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo the popular bingo gaming portal which lets players win loads of cash online has come up with yet another interesting offer for its fans. Now people playing at Costa Bingo stand a chance to win a 3D LCD TV.

The prize to be won is a Samsung 40 inch 3D LCD TV. The TV promises to get the 3D magic alive in your home with built in freeview HD, razor sharp images and mind blowing surround sound. It also has other interesting features including Internet access, photo and video display options and much more. Plus who will not want to own the most coveted gadget of the year that too for free!

In order to stand a chance to win the 3D LCD TV all you need to do is buy a card which costs just 1p from Costa Bingo. You can buy a maximum of 96 cards if you want to raise your chances of winning the prize. This means by paying even less than a pound you can win a 3D TV. The game will be played on October 10, 2010 at 9pm at Costa Bingo’s website. The winner will be contacted on October 11, 2010.

Luck could favor you and you could become a proud owner of 3D LCD TV. So start buying your cards. You just need to enter Costa Bingo’s website and purchase cards from the 3D TV tab in Costa lobby. To participate you must be a funded player. With these simple steps you can hit the ultimate jackpot. Be prepared to win the 3D LCD TV at Costa Bingo.

3D television next generation technology gives a real life experience to viewers. 3D TV technology works by sending a different image into each of your two different eyes. These images are then put together by your brain to create what appears to be an image that is escaping from your television set. There are many ways have been utilised to create this effect until this 3D technology gets perfect.